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Comet Disc Caliper System

Compact and powerful, the Comet disc caliper is constructed of high-strength die cast aluminum and can directly replace similar models on the market providing high efficiency and reliability. The caliper has eight (8) different lever positions allowing for cable or rod connection for any application. Our system contains a unique, integrated actuator design with a positive stop so the return spring can be used without causing braking in the opposite direction of pull.

Mounting to your bracket or frame can be fixed or floated by using spacers and longer assembly bolts. A steel mounting bracket is also available. This bracket hooks into the casting and makes mounting of the caliper to the frame secure and easy.

Disc brakes are available in diameters of 6 -3/8”, 7 -7/8” and 10”. The caliper surface contact area (of 1.8 sq in.) stays the same regardless of disc diameter. You will need to decide which diameter disc you need based on the stopping power needed for your application.

Brake Calipers

  • Constructed of high strength die cast aluminum alloy
  • Quick and easy adjustment by tightening nut externally of housing
  • Unit can be floated on stamped steel mounting bracket
  • Non-asbestos, high friction, non-fading organic material with 1.8 square inches of contact surface to disc. You will need to calculate which brake disc you need based on your vehicle design.
  • This caliper has a total of 8 different lever positions in either direction of pull (clockwise/counter-clockwise) for a total of 16 positions

Brake Disc Specifications

Part Numbers


6-3/8″ diameter zinc phosphate plated steel with ¼” keyway and set screw (available in ¾” and 1” bore) Welded rotor to hub assembly
7-7/8″ diameter zinc plated steel with 1” bore, ¼” keyway (no set screw) Welded rotor to hub assembly
10″ diameter zinc plated steel 1’’ bore, ¼” keyway and set screw Riveted hub to disc for added strength
Custom bore and keyways available to OEM’s

Comet Band Brakes and Drums

Comets band brakes are compact, rugged, and can generate powerful braking capability with light input force. Our band brakes can be used as a primary, to slow the vehicle (a dynamic brake) or secondary to prevent rotation (a static or “holding” brake). The operation is simple when the band tightens concentrically around a cylindrical piece of equipment. It either prevents rotating or to slows the vehicle it is on.

Our brake components are made of high quality materials made in the USA and proudly manufactured in Edgerton, Wisconsin.

Common applications are winch drums (holding brake), go-karts, utility equipment, UTV/ATV, mini-bikes and general lawn and garden products. The amount of stopping force varies with the drum diameter. In general, a larger diameter drum has more surface area for increased stopping or holding force. Some caution should be used in applications based on exposure to extremely wet conditions which may reduce braking performance. See the common bands sizes and drums below.

Custom hubs are available based on special request.

Brake Bands


Inside diameter Band width Part numbers
2- 13/64” ¾”
4” 1″
4- 5/16” 1″
4-1/2” 3/4″
4 11/16 ” 7/8″
6” 1″

Brake Drums


Outside diameter Drum width Center hole diameter Keyway Part Numbers
Drum without hub
4-13/64” 1 – 1/8″ 1″ N/A
Drum with internal hub
4 – 13/64” 1 – 1/8″ 1” 3/16″
4 -3/64” 1 – 1/8″ 1” 1/4″
6” 1 – 9/16″ 1” 1/4″
Drum with external hub
4 -13/64” 1 -1/8″ 1” 1/4″