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Service Tools

Since Comet’s founding in 1949, we have seen the need to design custom specialty tools from the ground up. By doing this, we can help our customers deliver exceptional service as these tools are an exact fit to our clutches. The same high-quality criteria used to produce our clutches is used for our tools, ensuring safe removal and prevention of damage to both the Comet clutch and the engine/motor.

102C, 103HPQ, 108C, 108EXP, 108 4PRO

Product Part # Specifications Applications
Puller Tool 216097A 3/4″- 16 UNF 102C, 103HPQ, 108C and 108EXP through 1995
Puller Tool 217153A 9/16″ – 18 UNF 108 series starting with 217100-101, 102, 103, 105, 106, 500, 501, 502, 505, 506, 200, 205 and 605.
Puller Tool 217336A 5/8″-18 UNF 108 series starting with 217104-107, 204, 207, 503, 504, 507, 600, 604, 607 and all 21900 series
Puller Tool 217336A 5/8″- 18UNF All 1998 108EXP and 108 4PRO clutches and after
Base Block Kit 219795A
Grunt Tool Kit (Includes 213965A TAPER ARBOR* AND SPIDER TOOL, 215723A) 213966A
Taper Arbor 213965A 30MM 1:10 taper *NOTE: Tapered arbor has ½-20 SAE thread. If your engine mounting bolt is of another thread, it will be necessary to obtain a 1/2-20 SAE bolt like Comet 217117A or 207654A
Spider Tool 215723A 3 post Fits all 3 tower clutches
Spider Tool 217222A 4 post Fits all 4 tower clutches

*If you cannot determine which clutch you have from the list above, an easy way to select the proper puller is by using a 9/16″ diameter plug,(i.e. 9/16″ drill shank or wooden dowel rod). Simply attempt to insert the rod into the clutch post. If the rod enters the post, the proper puller for your clutch is the 217336A. If the rod will not enter the post, use puller 217153A.

94C Duster

Product Part # Applications
Puller tool kit (includes 205817A puller rod and 206189A puller bolt and washer). 205838A Duster clutches 206094A, 211493A,212629A, 213051A and 209234A
Puller Tool Kit (includes 205839A puller rod and 206189A puller bolt and washer) 205840A Duster clutches 206096A, 209942A AND 211879A
Puller bolt and washer kit – 206189A 2016189A All 94C Duster clutches
25mm Adaptor 204799A 206094A and 211493A