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350 LA centrifugal clutch parts


Salsbury Centri-Dyne Industrial Clutches are designed for 4-cycle engine applications with operating speeds up to 4000 maximum RPM for engines up to 60 HP.

  • Completely automatic operation for gasoline or diesel engines
  • Load to the engine is smoothly and automatically applied by control of the driving engine’s throttle
  • Unique 360 friction lining
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • Rugged, cast construction for engines subjected to hard use
  • Profit-producing performance because of its durability and dependability
  • Model 600 for engines up to 28 HP
  • Model 1200 for engines 8– 38 HP
  • Model 1800 for engines 30-60 HP
  • Air compressors
  • Concrete vibrators
  • Plaster, concrete and general use pumps, crushers, vibrating compactors, sprayers, amusement park rides and portable conveyors