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102C Series

The Comet 102C clutch has been completely re-designed and is now called the 102C Quick Change Clutch. This 102C Quick Change clutch is especially suited for high performance use. The spider is hobbed/splined so that the clutch slips together rather than having to have it threaded together.  This allows the user to hold the clutch together with set screws rather than Loctite.

  • New aluminum cover to improve speed
  • Splined spider to allow for easy removal
  • Post is new and is hobbed/splined
  • Turning dial on outside of clutch allows for user to alter engagement RPM
  • Completely adjustable for any snowmobile engine’s power curve by simply changing cam arms and spring.
  • Unsurpassed tuning ability
  • Lightweight, strong and reliable
  • These clutches accept belts from 1 – ¼” to 1 – 7/16”
  • 30mm 1:10 taper bore
  • 30mm 1:75- Ski-Doo
  • Snowmobiles